Acne scars treatment in is no longer a luxury thing. The fractional Laser treatment is available in GUNTUR in plenty and many Laser centers in and the so called” Laser clinics in” are offering Fractional treatment for acne scaring.
Laser resurfacing for acne scarring involves 3-4 sessions of fractional resurfacing. Various types of fractional lasers are available in the market.
Basically the fractional lasers are classified into 2 broad categories:
1. Ablative Fractional Lasers.
2. Non ablative Fractional Lasers.

Ablative fractional lasers are:
1. CO2 fractional ablative lasers.
2. Er: Yag Fractional ablative lasers

Non ablative fractional Lasers include:
1. Er: Glass Fractional Lasers.

All types of fractional lasers are available at DR SOWMYA’S SKIN CLINIC.
We believe that depending upon the need and profile of the patient no single Laser can be effective in treating all types of scarring. Treatment has to be personalized and Laser resurfacing for acne scarring treatment in Guntur has many providers but very few personalize the treatment.
If the scars are too deep then CO2 fractional laser should be used but then the side effects in Indian skin can occur. Er:Glass has minimum downtime but is not very effective.

So Don’t just undergo a laser resurfacing for acne scarring on the basis of a provider offering cheap cost laser treatment for acne scarring in Guntur but check their credentials first.





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